Ensure Integrity at Your Learning Institution in Clive, IA

Ensure Integrity at Your Learning Institution in Clive, IA

Focus on education once again with help from an education law attorney

Have you been affected by unfair employment actions at your workplace? This can be frustrating for any employee, but educators often have it the worst. If you’ve faced the consequences of unethical workplace treatment, call the Evans Law Firm, P.C. immediately.

The Evans Law Firm, P.C. stands up for educators and administrators at the nearby ITT Technical Institute in Clive, Iowa and other educational institutions. They’ve represented education employees as well as employers who have faced unethical treatment in the workplace. Get in touch with them to schedule your free initial consultation.

Not sure if you need a lawyer? Work with the Evans Law Firm, P.C.—you have nothing to lose

If you’re considering taking legal action against your employee or employer, you want to be sure you have a solid case before committing financially. That’s why the Evans Law Firm, P.C. offers free consultations to potential clients in the Clive, Iowa area. Call today at 515-554-3209 to schedule your initial consultation.